An In-Depth Look at LPG Central Heating Systems and Their Many Benefits

Not many may be aware of it, but there are almost 4 million homes in the United Kingdom which are not connected to the main gas lines. This means that these households have to rely on other sources for heating, and this is why most have opted for LPG central heating. If you are not connected to the mains line and would like to know more about LPG systems and their benefits, here’s an in-depth look.

The definition of LPG

LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is an alternate option to those who are not connected to mains gas. LPG is a safe option compared to gas or oil, and it is stored in cylinders or tanks. In certain areas, the liquefied petroleum gas can be sent or delivered directly to your home’s heating system via a pipeline. LPG systems are classified as ‘wet’ systems, where the home’s heating is provided with the use of radiators and hot water is supplied through the home’s taps.

Storage, cost, and supply

One of the main differences between LPG and gas is how it is stored and supplied. You may have to rent or purchase LPG since it is supplied by different providers and comes in tanks or cylinders. With LPG, a standard residence with three bedrooms can expect to pay about £1,500 per year for every 25,000 kWh. But there are other factors which can have an effect on your bill, and this includes how well your house is insulated and how old your house is.

The main advantages to LPG

Despite the installation cost and the fact that it has to be supplied and stored, there are still some tremendous advantages to LPG central heating boilers.

  • Ease of installation

An LPG heating system is relatively easy to install, and it can be installed with almost no complications. In addition, it’s easier to maintain compared to other systems.

  • Ease of replacement

Another factor which makes LPG a good choice is the ease with which it can be replaced. If you have to replace an old system with a new one, it can be done without too much time and effort put in.

  • Overall efficiency

LPG heating systems are known for their efficiency, and for good reason. An advanced LPG boiler can save you as much as 90% when it comes to energy efficiency, and this is one particular reason for its increasing popularity.

  • Ecological-friendliness

When you compare an LPG heating system to an oil heating system, you can rest assured that the LPG system has fewer emissions. It’s actually cleaner than an oil system as it emits only carbon dioxide and water. The system does not need continuous maintenance, either, especially when it comes to cleaning the flue and the heater from residue caused by combustion.

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