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Many people know how important roofs are. The roof of a house not only keeps unwanted animals and weather from reaching the occupants, but it also keeps the comfortable temperature from your heating or cooling system from leaving your house.

Wayfinding can easily be explained as a system that guides people through environments yet enhancing their experience by enlarging their understanding of how to navigate. Wayfinding is commonly used in buildings of a more complex character such as for example

Life in Canada can be pretty exciting. But, moving to a new country can be even more exciting than that. As a matter of fact, moving is one of the biggest projects and the best experiences you will have in

Deciding upon the medium for a pet portrait can be quite a tricky task. The flow of emotions and expressions along with a balanced composition of various tones does not come naturally with a pet’s face, in comparison to a

It seems crazy, but actually, this look with black walls is one that’s popping up more and more and if you have a space that gets enough light, it can be lovely, and even transcendent. This is definitely not a