Carpet Vs. Hardwood – What You Need to Consider when Choosing One for your Home

It is not at all a very easy task to choose the flooring of the house. There are a number of homeowners who are in confusion to make a choice between carpet and hardwood. At this point, a proper decision is of immense importance since a wrong choice here would make you repent after the installation of the flooring is complete. Then you would be left with no other option of spending extra amount and replacing the flooring. Thus, you need to make a comparison between carpet and hardwood both of which has its advantages & disadvantages before finally making the decision of selecting one.

The Pros of Using Carpet

  • First of all, the carpet is cheaper to install, and at the same time, it takes less time to be installed.
  • Carpet being a natural insulator helps to provide warmth in case of the cold seasons.
  • Carpet is extremely comfortable especially for the foot when you walk on it.
  • The carpet is very soft and the fact that it is soft it is a safe choice for flooring which prevents injuries and breaking of objects in case of a trip or a fall.

The Cons of Using Carpet

  • The carpet being soft or patterned that have loops tend to get pulled and thereby damaging the carpet.
  • Carpet needs maintenance and care at regular intervals of time otherwise it gets too dirty.
  • Carpet attracts dust particles which remain in it. Anyone who is allergic to dust will face problems.

The Pros of Using Hardwood

  • It enhances the beauty of the room to a great extent and is more impressive than a carpet.
  • Hardwood is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, it does not require regular cleaning since no dust is attracted to it. Thus, choosing carpet or hardwood for allergies becomes easy. Allergic persons will always go for hardwood.
  • It is much more durable than the carpets.

The Cons of Using Hardwood

  • The cost of installation is high and more time-consuming.
  • Wood expands during high humid periods and can buckle against the walls if not installed correctly.
  • The wooden floors can fade in color dent or break.

Thus, it is recommended to assess your needs and then go for the selection of flooring.