Commercial movers

Your enterprise might have grown, or you must be in a different location. It’s time for you to hire movers to help relocate your business. Workplace relocation is stressful enough without the need to worry about the way your business furniture, stock, and equipment is going to make it safely to the new location.

That’s why you need to be thorough when hiring  commercial movers. Ensure they can answer the below questions completely before you sign any obligation with them.


Based on your stock type and your state, there may be some restrictions on what your moving service will take with them. As an example, if you’re moving a retail business that includes alcohol products, make sure they’ll take those with them.

You’ll also have to come up with a strategy for the things you don’t want your movers to carry with them. These materials may be sensitive archive files or even the valuables in your company safe. Pack these products before your commercial movers arrive to pack your business. Otherwise, the movers might take them accidentally.


Some commercial moving companies will only take pre-packed boxes and dismantled furniture. Even though this cuts down on the costs of the business move, it’s worthwhile considering a more comprehensive moving package.

With no agreement to pack your furniture and office items for your business, you’ll need to ask others (namely your team) for help. This introduces an element of risk and error that won’t be covered with insurance. A dropped photocopier, for example, could be an expensive mistake – but such an accident with a commercial mover would be covered by their insurance (and much less likely to occur in the first place!).

Asking staff to help move furniture can violate safety and health policies. If somebody feels they must pitch in to assist, they may risk injuring themselves – and you can face a substantial bill, plus sickness pay while your employee recovers.

Your company may also encounter increased operational downtime if the staffs are the ones packing, taking them away from core daily obligations. A moving company that packs for you means all of your staff can focus on business continuity.


Learn how your business furniture and equipment are going to be packed. If small objects are thrown into crates, are packing items like bubble wrap supplied? This will reduce the risk of damage during the move.

Some firms won’t supply packaging materials, or may only work with the cheapest available. This risks your fragile assets, including breakable items that could cost you thousands if a problem happens during the move.

Be sure that your commercial movers use high-quality packaging materials to decrease risk. You might also choose to find out what the recycling policy is, particularly if your company is ISO 14001 accredited!


Will your movers impose a fee by the item, or by the hours? Is packaging included? Will there be distinct levels of add-on insurance to look at?

If the moving company gives one set price for the company move quote, ask them to break it down for your company. A price breakdown will aid you to make fair comparisons so that you can get the balance of service level that is budget-appropriate.


What will happen when you’re moving vehicles get to the new office? Will everything be put into the foyer leaving you to look for a location for it? Or will the movers take things to the right spot?

An end-to-end office moving company is the best choice to choose in case you are looking for business continuity. There’s little point purchasing the full move service at the beginning of it, only to need to unpack everything yourself at the other end! It’ll make you susceptible to the same perils of delays and risks as you would have faced packing your own office.