Convection Vs. Deck Ovens – Finding the Right One for Your Bakery

If you are planning to open a bakery of your own, then the selection of the oven is the most vital part. The oven should be so selected that it perfectly suits your needs and requirements. The oven is the pillar of a bakery, and this is the reason much more care, and attention needs to be paid during the selection of the oven. The two most general type of oven that you would come across are convection ovens and the deck ovens. You need to study in detail about the functions and the facilities provided by each of the types of the oven before finally selecting one for the bakery.

A Comparison Between the Two

When you get to know about both the types of ovens, it would be a much easier task to select one of them.

  • First and foremost, the stone or the ceramic present inside the deck oven helps in the proper regulation of the temperature of the oven, and at the same time, it helps in the direct conduction of heat which is not possible in case of the convection oven.
  • In the deck oven, the radiant infrared heat is able to directly penetrate into the dough making the bake more effective as compared to the convection oven.
  • You can get the hot steam for the crusty bread which does not lower the temperature to a significant amount in the deck oven, but this option is not available in the convection oven.
  • In the deck oven, you can find temperature controller for every deck which is not the case in the convection oven.
  • You can find the different control for the top and the bottom elements in the deck ovens whereas in the case of the convection ovens you can find only a single control.
  • The deck ovens are heavier and take up a lot of space as compared to the convection ones.
  • The convection oven retains moisture while baking but the deck ovens do not.
  • You can get a thorough baking in the convection oven irrespective of the position, but it is not so in the case of a deck

After going through the comparison between the two types of ovens, it can be understood that the deck ovens have more advantages as compared to the convection ovens and hence the deck ovens are the best options for your bakery.