Deciding On The Right Air Compressor

Air compressors are now an essential piece of equipment that people and businesses can’t do without. They are the key to making hard tasks easier and buying one is very easy. The power that they produce can be for something simple around the house like spray painting to a massive industrial application powering many large machines. They allow us to do more things by ourselves as they provide the power and ease of use we require. Once you get one, you will wonder how you did without for all those years.

Quiet And Efficient.

Air compressors have a huge range varying from domestic to industrial air compressors. You can drill, you can sand and power massive pieces of equipment that keep factories going all day every day. The great advantage of air power is that each industrial machine doesn’t need its own individual compressor. A single industrial compressor will power all your machines using kinetic energy formed from electrical energy. This allows your machines to run quieter and more efficiently.


Air compressors that we use in industry are very different from those used in smaller applications as the tank which receives the air is much bigger. We need the bigger tank because we need bigger capacity and so more power which helps equipment to run longer. Industrial air compressors are used in many large industries like the mining sector, general manufacturing and others, and are used for many different tasks. In the apparel industry, for example, it is used to clamp, convey, to power tools and automated equipment.  In general, manufacturing, industrial air compressors are used for stamping, cleaning, actuators and controls.

Under One Roof.

When buying an industrial air compressor be sure to get it from a company who services it, as well  Get an air compressor that has the best specifications to meet your production needs and can work for longer periods of time. Depending on your needs you may require different types of compressors for different jobs. Try to find a company who will offer you all available under one roof, so if there are any issues they can be attended to quickly with the minimum of fuss. This way your production won’t be interrupted and flow more easily.

Tailored To Your Needs.

Many of these companies will also offer air compressor filters that are tailored to your specific solution for all flows and for all compressed air systems.  It’s crucial that they have service technicians on hand who will address any issues that you may have with your compressed air and they should also be able to tell you the best and most cost effective way to install your equipment as well as operating it. There are many industrial compressors to choose from including the very popular rotary screw compressors to nitrogen compressors.

When choosing your compressor, look at all the different models to determine the best one for your plant and load profile as they all deliver different benefits. Work out the amount of air you require and remember that a machine with high horsepower but with low CFM will get hotter and thus not last as long as you would like it to. Look at online reviews and talk to people who have used that kind of compressor before.  Clearly you want your compressor to work for many years but you also want it to be practical also.