Eliminate dust and debris after an improvement project – Smart cleaning tips

Regardless of whether you’re finally planning to get that new model bathroom or kitchen or you’ve already got that refurbished living room, bigger home renovations will mean interesting changes in the air. However, just as you feel excited about the change that is going to come to your home, at the same time you also have to accept the fact that there will be dry dust all over the air, sawdust will be lying on the floor and construction debris will be lying around everywhere.

Being a homeowner, you must be thinking of going about the process of remodeling without the requirement of hiring any kind of large-scale cleaning service for home cleaning. By taking few proactive steps, you can successfully keep your environment clean during a remodel. Here are few tips that you should consider.

#1: Remove all things

Before the beginning of any specific remodeling task, make sure you remove everything from the room which is undergoing the renovation. In case you think it is possible, you should also take out all clothing, furniture and other decorations and household items so that the area that is up for remodeling is as empty as possible. This prevents your items from becoming full of dust and safeguards them from any kind of destruction or damage.

#2: Cover up all furniture

The heavy and bigger furniture can be covered with plastic. There are many houses where you may have a big armoire which you might not be able to carry out of the room. In such cases, if you wish to retain the actual look of that furniture, you should cover the entire thing with plastic. Debris and dust won’t set on it and the finish on the furniture won’t get tarnished.

#3: Detach the area totally

If you wish to keep the other areas of the home tidier, you have to detach the area that is undergoing a renovation. For this you have to speak to the contractor and talk to them about the plans to keep off the debris and mess from flying around the entire home. As per the kind of renovation you’re doing, this may mean applying plastic sheeting on the doors and in case of bigger home renovations, you can also add heavier plastic tarps which can be temporarily installed on the door frames.

#4: Continue with your regular cleaning efforts

Before you hire the contractor, don’t forget to talk to them about their daily cleanups. Request them to tidy up everything and sweep off the dust every night before they leave as this can reduce the dirt and debris which keep spreading throughout the home. Both debris and dust have the tendency to fly from one place to another and hence sweeping the areas is extremely necessary.

#5: First vacuum and then dust

In case you notice that lot of dust has accumulated on your furniture and floors, you should invest some time to vacuum on that area and later on dust. Once you do this, you won’t allow the floor or that piece of furniture to be scratched later. Make sure you apply a vacuum attachment which has got soft bristles as just wiping the dust off won’t clean the furniture properly.

So, have you already hired contractors for renovating your kitchen or washroom or your living room? If answered yes, make sure you know all the procedures of cleaning your home at the same time so that the debris don’t keep collecting and end up in a huge mess. Take into account the above listed home cleaning tips post remodeling.