Few things to consider before buying a storage bed

If you are a person who has been fed up of having a cluttered bedroom with a small space and now you plan on using beds with storage in order to overcome this problem. Here are few things that you might want to keep in mind before jumping into buying and bringing in such a bed.

Make sure your bedroom has sufficient height and storage space.

Even if you want to bring in a storage bed, if your room hasn’t got enough width or sufficient amount of height this might create problems. Usually storage beds are a little wider and taller than normal beds. They are arranged in this way to produce more space for the storage compartments usually situated below the mattress.

And these beds also have hinges near the head board or the footboard which allows the mattress part to be lifted and opened like a car bonnet. If your room’s ceiling isn’t high enough you might face difficulties in doing this. So in order to avoid this mishap, take a measuring tape and measure your bed length and also measure the length from your bed to the roof and compare both the lengths. If it has a lesser height than the amount of height necessary choose a storage bed type that can be opened to sideways.

Make sure that you can bring in the bed to your room

Unlike normal beds that can be dismantled and transported easily, storage beds cannot be dismantled and it’s very difficult to transport them. So if you are a person who is living in an up stair house make sure that you have enough room to maneuver and bring the bed in without any trouble.

Check for the safe option in the bed you are buying.

Some of the storage beds come with a built in safe option which consist of very fascinating safety locks. This feature is very useful if you have valuable jewelry; because in case of a robbery, inside of a bed is a place where burglars are least likely to look.

So it’s like having your own personal locker under your mattress. Not only this can avoid robberies but this can also be a great place to keep surprises for your kids. Because it will be a hard to notice place for those tiny eyes and you can keep them presents there and show them and give surprises during their birthdays or Christmas time.