Signs that You Need Chimney Repairs

Every homeowner who is lucky enough to have a chimney will, at some time, have to hire an expert to perform repairs on it. It’s important that when you do go to hire someone to work on your chimney that you make sure they are fully qualified and have the experience necessary to do a good job. A chimney that is not well taken care of can become a fire hazard and may make it dangerous for you to have a fire in your fireplace. Being aware of signs that your chimney needs repair will ensure that you are able to call someone right away to come work on your chimney.

Signs that You Need Expert Repair

Unfortunately, you can’t tell just by looking at your chimney if it needs repairs. This is why it’s a good idea to have an expert come out and perform annual maintenance on your chimney. They will be able to determine the condition and safety of your chimney. That being said, there are a few obvious signs that will let you know that your chimney needsexpert repair.

Moisture in the Chimney

If there is any moisture in your chimney then you will want to call an expert for chimney repairs in Hampshire right away. Rust in your chimney that appears on the damper or in the firebox will let you know that there is moisture in the chimney itself. When left alone, moisture can cause your flue tiles to crack, which will let too much heat into specific areas of the chimney and may cause a fire in your home.

Damage in the Home

Another obvious sign that you need to call an expert for repair is if you have noticed any damage in your home. Wallpaper that is peeling around the chimney may be caused by too much moisture or because the heat from the fire is not going up the chimney. A lot of smoke in your home is another sign that you need to call an expert for repairs, as it may be an indication of a problem with the smoke being able to rise up the chimney and exit the home that way.

No matter how old your chimney is, or how often you use it, it’s a good idea to have an expert come and make sure that there are no problems that need to be repaired. If there is damage to your chimney, a reputable chimney repair company can have the problems fixed quickly and with little damage done to the house or chimney. Taking care of a problem before it escalates is the best way to ensure that your home, belongings, and family are all safe during the cold winter months.