Three Classic Sofa Design Styles

Today, the L shape sofa may be quite popular but furniture has come a long way over the past few centuries.  Looking back, here are a few of the most popular sofa types from centuries past.


Among the more elegant and ornate sofas, the Cabriole is certainly one for the history books.  As a matter of fact, it grew to popularity during the first half of the 1700s, when Louis XV fell in love with them.  With one look, though, it is not hard to see why: gorgeous craftsmanship and great attention to exquisite detail, the Cabriole features distinguished exposed wood and curved legs.

As a matter of fact, these outwardly-curving legs were considered somewhat of a trademark of Thomas Chippendale furniture. This was a popular cabinet and chair maker in London who became quite influential throughout the 19th century. The Cabriole-style sofa features an exposed wooden frame and gently, outward-curving legs. Its back is higher and arms a little lower than the average sofa today, but who really cares when you are sitting in the king’s couch?!


Made famous by Thomas Chippendale, who at one point was known for making cabinets, this style is still quite familiar and popular to many people all over the world.  The camelback sofa probably gets its name from its gently arched back that features a slight dip at the arms, which are typically square or rolled through a wooden frame, concealed.


Not quite as old as the others, the Tuxedo Sofa actually takes its name from a park in Orange County, New York and not the famous Jame Bond outfit.  The sofa feature simple lines with low, sloping arms and a rectangular, uniform back. It reached its height of popularity int eh 1920s.