Transforming Sturdy Shipping Containers into Stunning Architectures

Creativity and innovation are the key ingredients in creating beautiful structures. Everyone is always thinking of new and better ways of doing things. And when it comes to design projects, using shipping containers is one of the latest trends.

In the 1950s, Malcom Purcell McLean, an American transport entrepreneur, developed the modern intermodal shipping container that we know today. His creation revolutionized the transport industry as well as international trade.

Traders have long realized the need for these convenient, efficient, and structurally sound containers. That is why many companies have emerged to offer shipping containers and Container SEA is one of the trusted providers.

Years later, these corrugated steel boxes has  tarted to conducted more researches led to the revolutionization of the building industry. People have discovered that they can do be much more with them, thus starting the current trend in design projects. One proof is that in 1987, a man named Philip Clark filed for a US patent for his “method of converting steel shipping containers into a house.”

Europe, Asia, and many other places around the world have integrated shipping containers into the construction of infrastructure. They modify these containers and use them as houses, schools, clinics, or stores.

There are several reasons why the shipping container architecture has grown in popularity in the past years until the present.

Proven durability

Shipping containers are heavy duty because they are originally designed to hold bulks of objects. This becomes one major reason why people consider them as a great material in making buildings.

Wide availability

Most countries import more than they export. A lot of containers used to ship goods to a country are not used back when they export goods. That results to a surplus of shipping containers. It has become widely available, so people thought of other ways to use them.


Before, shipping containers get abandoned after they have served their primary purpose. By repurposing them and giving them a new life, we are able to reduce wastage. Moreover, with shipping container architecture, people have reduced the use of cement and bricks.

Relatively low expense

As mentioned, shipping containers reduce the use of other construction materials. Because of this, the total expense of building houses and other infrastructures is incredibly cheaper.

Fully customizable

Being fully customizable is one great factor that make shipping containers a preferred construction material. At first glance, these steel boxes are plain and boring, just a square-shaped container of goods. However, they can be turned into fascinating and useful structures with creativity and innovation. Their shape and material allow people to easily modify them to suit their needs. Only the imagination is the limit.

Final Thoughts

We have now discovered that there’s more to a shipping container than just being a container. We have seen the many benefits of it and how beautiful it can be. It is beyond doubt that it has become a trend. And we are expecting more useful upcycled shipping containers. Who would have thought that these things used for imports and exports can transform into great infrastructures?