What Are The Benefits of Synthetic Grass?

Indeed, most of us have heard about it and what it is and how it is used, and maybe remember where they first saw it. And if you can remember, many sports fans a long time ago, initially disliked synthetic grass, but did eventually change their minds and gave it the thumbs up as they came to see its advantages.

Gone are the days of rain stopping play, or games having to be cancelled due to rainy conditions, or pitches being so disturbed by a previous game’s wet weather, that games were moved to another ground; these are all now things of another era.

And for those out there who have never seen it or heard about it, let’s get you right up to date.

  • What is called “synthetic grass” is an artificial surface which has been specifically designed to resemble natural grass.
  • And although it has that natural look to it, it is actually made from purely synthetic materials. You will find it being put to use in many places from sports stadiums to school playgrounds.
  • It is also much more durable than natural grass.

Synthetic Grass History

Traditionally, the use of synthetic sports surfaces was in different sports arenas where it was difficult to maintain the grounds, and also in some indoor arenas.

The most well-known first time use of it was in the sports ground of the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, USA, over 50 years ago, and that’s where it got the nickname ‘AstroTurf’.

  • Since that time, artificial grass has also become much more used on homeowner’s lawns as well.

Sports Use up to Now

Since the 1970s, the use of synthetic grass really started to take off at both indoor and outdoor stadiums. But, in spite of its great conveniences, many people involved in sports and spectators alike still had reservations about it and preferred natural grass.

This was because of the older original synthetic materials back then that did not react similar to natural grass, and its hardness back then caused more injuries to players.

  • A number of stadiums did eventually remove their synthetic grass after poor acceptance ratings from fans and players alike.

Up to the present Day Where it’s More Popular than Ever!

Over time, with a much more advanced and upgraded surface, most places which originally removed it has now reinstalled it once again! And those that did stick with their synthetic grass have all replaced theirs with the newer and better current material, which has in turn encouraged others to install it also.

Now Used in So Many Places

It’s now seen as a much safer choice to natural grass when sports are played on it in colder conditions. And with the big advances in its development, synthetic grass is now a much more preferred alternative, in both the world of sports grounds and schools.

And with a big reduction in maintenance requirements, it certainly is a big time winner wherever it is used!