Wood colour guidance for clients

Clients have minds of their own. Sometimes they make excited home improvement decisions on the spot and fail to consider long term repercussions. As an industry expert it is your job to guide them and the best way to do so is to lead the clients to believe that all the good ideas are their own. Here is a quick guide on how to assist your clients to choose appropriate wood colours for various elements of their interior design efforts:

Suggest a good quality product

The most important thing to do is to find a good quality product with an excellent reputation. Choosing the wood colour will be the least of your clients’ worries if they skimp on quality when it comes to the product itself or the installation thereof. Clients should invest in strong and durable cupboards and kitchen surfaces as the alternative can be more financially damaging in the long run.

PG Bison’s MelaWood® is a great example of modern and beautiful decorative wood panels. This product is ideal for vertical application in kitchens, built-in cupboards, offices and shop fittings. It can even be used for furniture. Mela Wood®is available in four surface finishes: Peen (textured, stipple), Ashwood (embossed, woodgrain), Linear (deep textured, straight wood grain) and Natural Touch (luxurious matt).

Provide guidance

There are many ways to help clients choose the most practical and aesthetically pleasing colour. Take a look at the existing elements in their space and guide them whilst keeping this in mind. For example, if the client works in a modern office building anticipating revamp, use the current window frames or tile colour to illustrate how certain wood colours would be complementary. This method is infallible as MelaWood® is available in 32 colours! Thus clients don’t need to compromise their design vision.

It is always the client’s choice

Besides, the customer is always right. The clients are the ones who have to live in their homes or work in their offices so be sure to assist and advise only. Refrain from being too insistent. Remember that everybody has a unique sense of style; respect their personal preferences. Instead of prescribing a colour, why not show them some colours instead? This way you provide a glorious selection of which any option is a sound choice. And MelaWood®SupaGloss™ is a highly sought after product due to its modern flair regardless of the hue you choose.

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