4 Things To Consider When Designing a Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the key rooms in your home. It is used everyday and needs to be practical and functional. If your bathroom is tired and needs updating you may consider a bathroom remodel. Bathroom renovations can transform your drab bathroom into something stylish and convenient . Not only that but a new bathroom can add value to your home if you decided to sell it. Before you start to plan your remodel here are some things you need to consider.

4 Points You Should Consider When Designing a Bathroom

  • Layout – It is so important when designing a bathroom to consider the layout. You need to look at the space you have available and consider what needs you and your household has. When you are looking at bathroom designs the ideas are endless so it is important to keep space in mind and not get carried away. You need to consider whether you want a spacious bathroom with a bath, shower and toilet or a compact bathroom. There are many design solutions from corner sinks to small baths so don’t be put off by small spaces.
  • Design – A bathroom renovation is a big financial investment and you need the remodel to last. As you want the bathroom to stand the test of time it is important to choose a timeless design. Consider modern and simple designs that will look great in years to come. Avoid anything too bold or trendy as you may regret it as time passes by. You should also consider choosing neutral colours as these fit buyers taste if you decided to sell your home in the future.
  • Placement – You need to consider where your new furniture and facilities will be placed. An example being the toilet. If you are including a toilet in your design then ensure that it will not be facing the door. This can ruin the vibe of your bathroom if the toilet is the first thing people see. You should also consider sinks and countertops. Make sure these are easily accessed, the correct height and that they fit your design.
  • The Future – It is important to consider what your household needs will be further down the line. This bathroom is built to last so you need to think about what you may need in many years time. Things you should consider are handrails, walk in showers and more. If you are thinking about a family in the future then you need to make sure the bathroom will suit your new needs.

How a Bathroom Renovation Specialist Can Help You

A bathroom renovation specialist can give you advice and help you to create the perfect bathroom for you. They can advise on layouts, designs, budgets and more. They can advise you on what type of bathroom to have that meets your needs.

If you want to learn more about designing a new bathroom for renovation then contact your local bathroom design specialist.