5 Decorating Tips for Summer

A significant number of people often desire to have a home that can unveil their personality and match the current season. Summer is no exception as there are tons of home design inspirations online and offline. Preparing your home for summer is neither expensive nor time-consuming. It’s common for several homeowners to engage in DIY home improvement projects in this era. There are tons of tutorials that can be of assistance when carrying out the process. Check how the best ways to decorate a comfortable home with a summery look regardless of your décor style.

1.   Add some colors

You can never go wrong with bright colors like orange, yellow and baby blue in summer. Don’t hesitate to add cushion covers, area rugs and throw pillows that are designed with bold colors and patterns in every room. You will discover a noticeable difference once you’re through with this step.

2.   Get new pillows

New brightly colored pillows can instantly give beds and sofas a fresh look. It doesn’t require much effort to carry out this task. One smart way to save decorating costs with pillows is to change their covers when its summertime. Other accessories like artwork really matter. Replace winter accessories with colorful ones indoor and outdoor. Simple things like hanging a welcoming boxwood wreath on the wall or front door can really improve the appearance of any home.

3.   Replace or repair your furniture

Ensure that you get in touch with a professional immediately you notice that your furniture needs a repair. You can also fix it yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools. Consider revamping it with glossy paint or change the entire fabric to achieve a sophisticated look. In case your furniture is old, the best thing is to purchase a new one or acquire used furniture depending on your budget.

4.   Use planters

Chances are you have unused containers such as old tires, clay pots or champagne buckets around your home. Use them instead of buying expensive planters. They can help homeowners that lack the time or resources for maintaining a garden to save time. Planting beautiful flowers indoor and outdoor have proven to have a mood-enhancing effect over time. Herbs that include mint and basil are perfect for the kitchen. They can even come in handy when preparing tasty dishes. Most people use houseplants because they help to purify indoor air. Another option is to plant succulents as they tend to survive with little water.

5.   Introduce fresh scents

Summertime is usually accompanied by different varieties of floral and fruity scents. There are other ways to keep your home smelling fresh apart from herbs, fresh flowers or air fresheners. Use your preferred scented candle and place scented soaps in your kitchen and bathroom. It goes without saying that you should choose your scents and cleaning agents carefully due to the fact that some are made from toxic chemicals. Open the doors and windows to allow fresh air and sunshine to enter your home each day.