5 Smart Gadgets That Can Increase Your Home Value This 2019

Home renovation is the most common way to increase home value. But with the advent of new technology, gadgets, and techs, many homebuyers are now looking for innovative home systems when searching for their new home. Automatic home appliances and high-tech security systems attract more potential buyers than just the usual home renovation.

Here are the five top smart home upgrades to help you increase your home value this 2019.

Security and Alarm Systems

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An updated security and alarm systems have the highest demand for tech-savvy homebuyers. It should include capabilities such as alarm, security, and monitoring. While all the gadget doesn’t need to be from the same brand, they should be linked with each other for the system to be effective. 

A security and alarm system usually includes surveillance cameras, door locks, a motion detection device, and a camera control system. Nest, August, and Arlo are some of the popular brands that you may want to check.

Some of the most popular security and alarm features are:

  • Alarm systems linked with door and window motion sensors, smoke detectors, and smart locks
  • Video doorbells that can double as security cameras
  • Surveillance cameras linked with your smartphone

Automated Blinds

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The popularity of automated blinds increased over the years, thanks to the use of five-star hotels. While the cost of this upgrade is high, homeowners are willing to spend as it is one of the most common sought-after items of potential buyers. 

An automated blind should be able to go up and down through remote control, your smartphone, or even from a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Assistant. Other brands are capable of raising and lowering at specific times of the day. Somfy, Pella, and Lutron are the most common automated blinds brands in the market. To assist in purchasing this luxury item, some check texas cash out loan rules to check their eligibility to apply for one. 

Automatic Garage Door

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Like the automated blinds, purchasing an automatic garage door can also increase your home’s value. It is also one of the most loved features that homebuyers prefer. An automatic garage door should be able to open and close through your smartphone or a speaker assistant. 

Your smart garage door can also be linked with your car, through a GPS device, and open and close depending on your location. If it detects that your car is approaching the garage, the automatic garage door will immediately open. Common brands in the market include Senclo, Nexx, GarageMate, Chamberlain, and Datonten.

Smart Lighting System

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One of the most common features of a smart house is a smart lighting system. Lighting and home improvement companies such as Phillips, Ikea, and Wiz introduced LED lighting that you can command through a smartphone app. Aside from turning it on and off without going to the light switch, you can change the light color and light intensity through your smartphone or smart speaker.

Automated Irrigation System

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An automated irrigation system is a positive feature for garden-lovers. Smart systems from water irrigation brands like Orbit and Rachio allows you to control the amount of water for irrigating your plants. The basis of its command is the plant requirements, soil type, and weather conditions. It is a home upgrade that is environmentally-friendly. 


With all the technological advancements, having a smart home is the future of communities. That future is in its progress today. Just be smart enough to know which of these high-tech gadgets will benefit your home the best. Moreover, if you are interested in purchasing a smart item but is short on finance and has an existing loan, check out texas cash out loan rules. You may be eligible to apply for one.