5 Ways To Make Your Patio The Place to Party

No matter what the season, whether it’s time for that summer party or you want to clear the snow off the patio for a winter fire, you can make your patio the place to party.When guests open those sliding glass doors and step outside, you want them to feel at home, comfortable and festive.

So how do you make sure your patio is the place to party? Follow these simple steps.

Make it Cooler (or Hotter)

That’s right, the temperature can make all the difference, and if you want to use your patio all seasons, you’re going to have to regulate the temperature.

How do you do that? Simple. In the summer, you have to regulate the sun by adding shade. This can be done in a number of ways, including attractive smart shades that respond to the temperature on your patio and the angle of the sun to provide optimal coverage. If you prefer a less digital method, you can hang manual shades or even install an awning you can use to keep the sun from baking your party space.

Bring on the Food

A party just isn’t a party without food, right? When it comes to making your patio the place to party, you’ll need a way to cook. A barbeque grill is at least part of the answer. There are a couple of different but equally good options when it comes to grilling:

  • Propane: Propane burns clean, is neat, and if you have gas lines you can actually use the natural gas from your home to fuel the grill. Even if you don’t, refillable tanks are readily available and will last for several hours of cooking.
  • Charcoal: Many people like the smell and taste of food cooked over real smoke generated by a real fire, so charcoal is often the answer. When used properly, charcoal can work just as well as propane, and it give food the unique smoky flavor many people crave.

No matter which grill type or style you choose, adding cooking to your back patio is a winner of an idea.

Add a Bar

All that cooking and partying is going to make you thirsty, and nothing tastes better on a summer day than an ice cold beverage. Whether that is one that contains alcohol or is just there for your refreshment, installing a bar gives you options.

While a bar fridge is not essential, it is a nice touch so that you don’t have to go back inside for cooled ingredients. Another option is a built-in cooler filled with ice. If you are a beer or wine drinker, you can get kegs of each. Kegs of wine are relatively new, but there are some great summer wines you can get this way that make these kegs affordable wine options.

A well-stocked cabinet will serve you well, but as long as you have the basics, you can make some amazing drinks and wow your guests. Simple tools like pint glasses and a shaker will complete the look. If you have water plumbed to your bar, that is even better.

Have a Seat

Your guests will have to sit somewhere, and the more comfortable those spots are the better. Use cushions and pillows made with outdoor material to pad them, and make sure there are sunny spaces, those that are shaded, and that the seating is not in the typical path of smoke from the grill.

You may even want to install a small gas fire pit or fireplace for those cold winter nights. Add some folding chairs that you can put away when they are not in use, and you’ll have even more guest seating when you host your huge backyard get togethers.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

It’s all about setting the mood, and you won’t want to be without tunes when your guests arrive. The fortunate thing is, there are a ton of streaming services out there with playlist for nearly every taste.

Whether you use Spotify Premium, Amazon Music, or Apple Music services, you can play great music commercial free. What do you play it through? Again, you have options.

You can install specifically made outdoor speakers on your patio. They will provide great sound, and you can stream the music from anywhere if they have bluetooth. You can also invest in waterproof and weatherproof speakers from the UE Boom speakers to the Beats Pill. You can also use portable speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, or the Apple Home Pod to stream music as well.

Want your patio to be the place to party?  You’ll need these five things to make it happen.