6 Things Most People Don’t Think of Before a Kitchen Remodel

Expect the unexpected during your kitchen remodel and you’ll limit the number of unpleasant surprises that occur. Here are six things to watch out for during this trying time.

#1: Creative Cooking Will Be Necessary

One of the most immediate surprises for some kitchen remodelers is what to do about food. Kitchens are often the number one hangout spot for families, and the central location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three times a day during a kitchen remodel you’ll be reminded that the status quo has been disrupted.

You may be forced to use camping equipment to try to put together a meal at some point during your kitchen remodel. Have a plan in place for how you will cook meals, keep your food cold, and store your leftovers. Or, just get used to going out for dinner a lot!

#2: There Will Be Nickel and Dime Costs

No matter how much time you spend calculating the estimated cost of your kitchen remodel, one thing that most people don’t remember is all the nickel and dime costs that add up to larger amounts in the end.

This is where kitchen remodel financing can really play a big part in making the whole process go more smoothly. You won’t have to watch as the money in your bank account dwindles away on things like nails, plaster, and paint. Having a separate account to draw from can make all the difference in the world in terms of stress levels.

#3: There Will Be Dust

Most kitchens don’t get dusty due to the regular use they receive. That’s why you might be surprised at how much dust is generated during a remodel. This is especially true if you are taking out walls or putting in a backsplash.

You might soon discover a thin layer of dust over everything, or maybe even a thick layer. Making it your daily routine to dust your kitchen is one way to handle it, or you could just let the dust pile up and clean it all at once when it’s finished.

#4: It Will Get Loud

If you are doing a full kitchen remodel it will definitely get loud at some point. There will be all sorts of tools in use including saws to cut wood, sledge hammers during the demo, and possibly even a nail gun that uses 22 caliber cartridges to drive nails into concrete.

Be prepared with earplugs or just get in the habit of spending time outside of the house either at a coffee shop getting things done from your laptop, or planning your work day around when the contractors will be there.

#5: An Unexpected Drawback Is Likely

If you’ve ever watched a home improvement show you’ll notice that something unexpected pops up right when it’s time for a commercial break. In real life you can expect the same thing, and there’s really no way to budget for it or be ready for it. You just have to take it as it comes and do the best you can in the moment when you find out what it is.

#6: Even the Best Contractors Experience Delays

If you’ve vetted your contractors and they all come highly rated and recommended you might be surprised when things don’t go exactly as planned and they need more time to get the job done. Even the most steadfast workers run into trouble during a project and they do the best they can to figure out how long a job will take.

Have deadlines in place, but be understanding if everything is not going exactly as promised.

With these tips you’ll breeze through your kitchen remodel, or at least survive it!