Be more comfortable in your home with interior designers

UrbanClap is an online service provider that allows people to access services ranging from home cleaning and repairs to business and taxes. A beautiful home is important to feel comfortable in the space that you have bought with your money. An interior designer will help you get just that and an interior designers in Thane with UrbanClap will help you get that and more. You may think that not hiring a professional designer and doing the work yourself might help you save a little money, I thought the same. However, I had never been more wrong. Not hiring a trained interior designer caused me to take some decisions that were just not right. I wasted a lot of my money on furniture that looked amazing in the shop but looked just the opposite when I got it back home. The paint colours I chose did not compliment the lighting that I had chosen. Overall I had a bad experience designing my home and stopped myself from trying to design my home any further due to the fear that I’ll get it wrong yet again.

I was just about to give up when I came across a review online about an app called UrbanClap that offered interior designing services. The review raved about the experience they had with the designer and that they did not have any complaints about the entire process. I decided that I had already done so much so I might as well try one out and see how it turns out. I downloaded the app and put in my location and I immediately got results. I got the option of choosing between multiple interior designers and I could pick one that was best suited for me.

He showed up on my doorstep early one morning and I invited him to discuss what I would need to buy and how much I would need to pay. From previous experience, I knew that this whole process would cost a lot of money. I quoted a budget and he said that it would be enough to redesign the whole house. He brought his team in almost immediately and they then started working on the same day. They told me so many things that I didn’t know about previously and it gave me the confidence that they were very well trained.

They finished all the work including the living room and the bathrooms very quickly. They changed the colours of the walls, the lighting in each room, the windows, the furniture in each room and even the size of lampshades that I used. The level of professionality swept me off my feet and I had no words for the efficiency with which they worked with. I experienced nothing less than the best. If you want to redesign your home and you don’t know where to start, then UrbanClap has all the answers for you. You could use the app and pick any interior designer and you will not be let down. You can only have an excellent experience with interior designers in Thane through UrbanClap.