Choosing the right Bathtub Enclosures

The bathroom is without question one of the most important rooms in the house. When you are ready to have a change in your bathroom, the old outdated bathtub enclosures are usually the first to be changed. The enclosure might be made from old tiles that are cracked or covered in dirt or mold. If you are looking for a new bathroom look but you are on a budget the acrylic wall surround is your best bet. However there are other materials that you can choose from. This article explores the different bathtub enclosure materials covering the pros and cons of each of the material.

Premium composites and solid Surface
Of all the materials the premium composite offers a look that is more realistic to tiles and the texture patterns. They come in a large selection of style from quartz to marble. They have a life span of more than 30 years and comes with a lifetime warranty. They are mount directly using glue or screws and clips.

•    Scratch and chip resistant
•    Extended life span of over 30 years
•    Chips and scratches can be repaired

•    It is the most expensive
•    Material is hard to cut
•    Under the tub there should be a motor bed before mounting.

Units made from fiber glass offer a durable surface that is relatively chip and scratch resistant. They have a projected lifespan of anywhere between 15 to 20 years of service. Most of the units are usually mounted directly using screws or clips provided by the manufacturer. Some few can be glued on to a clean and smooth surface.

•    Fairly priced making it affordable
•    They are easy to install
•    Scratches that are light can be repaired easily

Acrylic surface
They’re the lowest priced and they are the cheapest if you are on a budget. They work perfectly when you have a moisture resistant dry wall. If you have a little more money in your budget you can spend a little extra to get added features such as molded shelves and tile patterns. The material they are made from is thin making them flimsy. For a little extra you can get one that has fiber glass reinforcement on the shelves to make them stiffer.
•    They are low cost making them best if you are on a tight budget
•    You can readily find them at any home center
•    They are easy to cut and drill through

•    The material scratches and chips easily
•    Chips and scratches cannot be repaired
•    Comes with back shelves that reduce shower space

The bathtub enclosures come in different materials and they are all priced differently. Special consideration should be used before deciding on which is the best to purchase on a given budget.