Designer’s Secret to Black Walls in Homes

It seems crazy, but actually, this look with black walls is one that’s popping up more and more and if you have a space that gets enough light, it can be lovely, and even transcendent. This is definitely not a choice for the faint of heart. White walls are the classic and the favourites of many designers and so do many people. White paints home hold such a reputation due to the fact that they open up dingy rooms and make them look bigger and spacious also white goes with any kind of home decor easily. Another such a colour that goes amazingly with all other colour is black. Yes, we love our blacks but we don’t want to be living in a dark and cave-like home.

Here are a few of the industry’s best tips to make black work in your home.

Add natural light

Black is a colour that needs a lot of light and best if it’s natural light to work its magic into your feature wall. This will counter the effects of blacks closed up space.

Stay safe with a monochrome setup

Another easy to follow recipe for guaranteed success is following the monochrome colour scheme with a small pop of colour to make the room aesthetically pleasing.

Use black on a feature wall

If your room is not spacious enough to go full on black, you can always safe playing with black on a feature wall that helps pull the look together. When using black walls always try to contrast them as this will offset the dimness from the black.

Work in high contrast

Adding contrast in a black-walled home is a necessity as everything in the room pops up against the wall which implies lighter coloured furniture to wall hanging that sets good visual layers.

Pick the right finish

The finish of your dark black walls is another aspect to cover. Many recommend using glossy lacquer black paint because it minimized the dark tone and would bring some light sheen into space which is important to bounce light around the room. Using a shiny black paint can make it a statement wall. To achieve this, you have to apply several coatings. Others will do three to four coatings to get the right sheen. But you can prefer to use matte too. It is said that the glossier the paint, the more imperfections would show. That is why some would prefer matte to hide all those imperfections and prefer to add some texture to it. Well, that works too. You are always recommended to hire service of professional like chameleon painters while adding black to your interiors.