From the Factory to the Consumer – Affordable Furniture is Now Available to All

The digital age has brought with it many benefits for the consumer, and as e-commerce takes a firm foothold on the global marketplace, the retail industry is looking a little unsteady. If we look at the way a traditional furniture retail outlet would work, we can see where a large portion of the retail price ends up, with several organisations involved in the manufacture subsequent sale a 3 piece suite or mattress. The manufacturer would typically be a foreign company, so the unit first has to be imported by the wholesaler (huge amount of import tax involved there), and after the wholesaler has added his slice, the item is then shipped to the retailer, who typically requires around 30%, in order to pay his many overheads.

Traditional Prices

For an Australian homeowner that wishes to purchase an imported 3 piece suite, you wouldn’t expect much change from A$2,000, and when you consider the number of businesses involved in acquiring the suite and getting it to the showroom, that would be a reasonable price to pay. Yet, with a modern supplier such as Think Lounges, there is no lengthy procedure in order to put a quality product in front of you, and with typical savings of around 60%, why pay more?

Minimal Overheads

This is a streamlined business that operates online, and while they do hold a lot of stock, there are no expensive showrooms or sales staff to hire. Quality is of the utmost concern, and reading the many reviews will remove any doubts you may have had regarding the quality of their furniture. They will normally guarantee that any of their items can be delivered within 7 days, and as the furniture is from manufacturer to consumer, you effectively cut out both the wholesaler and the retailer, which is where the massive savings come from.

Shopping Cart Culture

With more than 2.5 billion smartphones in use today, e-commerce is growing exponentially, and when you look at all the benefits from online buying, it is easy to understand why so many people prefer to order products and services online. Of course, the biggest advantage is the lower than retail prices, and it is very much looking like the end of an era, as bricks and mortar retail outlets are replaced with warehouses, from where the goods are despatched to the consumer.

Interest Free Loans

If the mattress you really wanted is a bit out of your range, the online supplier would likely offer a short term, interest free loan, which enables you to select the right mattress and have it delivered immediately, and with zero interest and up to a 60% saving, you really can’t go wrong.

Another benefit of an online supplier is the endless stock they can show, and while they might not be able to do an immediate delivery on some items, if you can wait a week, everything is available. The online furniture supplier has revolutionised the purchasing experience, and with huge savings, this has to be good news for the consumer.