How Often Should You Replace Windows in Edmonton?

Replacing windows in Edmonton makes it possible for you to enjoy benefits that come with new window replacement.  You not only make your home more comfortable but also cut down the energy bills considerably.

However, these benefits don’t come on a silver plate. As a homeowner, there are few things you should understand regarding window replacement. Apart from selecting the best windows for your home, you should also know how often you should replace the windows. See more insights here.

  1. The Standard Lifespan of a Window

Though different windows and doors manufacture windows that have varying lifespans, the average time you should wait to lapse to do window replacement in Edmonton is twenty-five years. However, there are many considerations made in coming up with this number. For instance, though the average number mentioned by most manufacturers is 25, wood windows if well taken care of, can go for 50 years or more. Conversely, windows made from inferior material may not even last for a decade.

  1. Common Window Issues

If you are not sure of the right time to replace windows, the best thing to do is diagnose the status of your windows based on the inefficiencies you see in your home such as:

  1. Drafts- this is common where windows have lost their watertight You may consider replacing the seal, but where the frame is entirely rotten, windows replacement is imperative.
  2. Broken frames-if the window frame is broken, replacement is essential.
  3. Poor operation-if you find it hard to operate or sometimes the windows don’t open completely, check whether there is debris in the tracks. If there isn’t, you likely require new windows.
  4. High energy bills- this is one significant sign that your windows no longer offer any insulation barrier and they should be replaced.
  5. Putting off window replacement

Many Edmonton homeowners postpone window replacement thinking the existing windows will serve them for one or two more years. When windows are damaged, and in poor condition, they not only make the occupants uncomfortable but also expose the components of your home to moisture. Over time, the moisture cause mold, rot and other severe damages that may lead to expensive repairs. If you want a replacement of windows in Edmonton, it is not advisable to postpone the repairs.

  1. Replacement Windows Options

If you have finally decided that you will replace your windows, you technically have many options available for you to choose from. There are many styles and materials, and you are sure to get the right one for your home.

  1. Cost and Replacement Time

If you are scheduling an appointment for Edmonton windows replacement, it is crucial to put your window order in advance.  Replacement of new windows normally take one to two days, but that will also depend on the sum of windows being installed, window sizes, and the materials you select for the installations.