How to Choose a Heavy Industrial Digger

A heavy industrial digger can be a useful thing to have around, especially if you are undertaking a large excavation project. There are several factors to consider when wondering how to choose a heavy industrial digger, whether you are renting or buying one. Of course, you want the best possible value for money, but you also want the machine that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. You want to make sure you have the right equipment for the job and you don’t want to have to deal unscheduled operating costs, making choosing the right one important.

Capacity and Size

The work capacity you will be able to effectively handle is directly determined by the size of the digger you choose, and for most contractors or builders the capacity is one of the biggest factors. Use the density of material you will be handling as a guide to help you choose the right size digger, and you should also be sure that meeting any daily production targets won’t be a problem. And you may also want to look at convenience too; if you buy or hire a digger that can comfortably fit inside its job site space and in a standard traffic lane, you’ll keep the inconvenience and disruption to a minimum. You should also verify that the size of the bucket you need to use can be accommodated safely by the digger.


It’s a lot easier with today’s improved technology to choose a heavy industrial digger that operates efficiently, and of course, efficiency on the construction site means money saved. Finishing your project ahead of schedule and saving on energy bills are realistic possibilities if you have equipment that can be monitored remotely. Today’s modern diggers also enable you to monitor operational data too, therefore increasing efficiency and allowing you to save money on fuel costs while working. Better fuel efficiency is obviously important on a construction site where one of the main goals is to make sure the project doesn’t go over cost. And these ‘smart’ diggers will also last longer, thanks to the better fuel efficiency and the energy overload prevention feature.

Connectivity and Versatility

The overall versatility of your digger is largely determined by the attachment connection system, and you can save valuable operating time if you have a quality automated coupler rather than a direct mount attachment. The coupler also makes it a lot easier to change attachments. The attachment connection system allows heavy diggers to carry out different tasks, and not just heavy digging.

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