How to Improve Heating and Cooling Systems in your Home

For effective maintenance of heating and cooling systems in homes, Ductwise Inc is a reputable company that can be hired to perform the services related to this task. Heating and cooling systems are required in homes to moderate the temperatures to desired levels. However, there is a danger that negative results can be achieved if the system is clogged by unwanted particles such as dust as well as molds. As such, this review is meant to give you some insights about the measures you can take to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are always in good working condition.

Impacts of Clogged Heating and Cooling Systems

If dryer vents are clogged, they are likely to be overworked since they cannot function normally. The likely result is that more energy will be consumed by this gadget and it will result in more power wasted. The other issue is that if the problem persists without rectification, it can cause overheating of the gadget and this can result in an outbreak of fire. Valuable property can be destroyed in the process and innocent lives can also be lost.

In the same vein clogged cooling ducts within the ventilation system of the home can result in underperformance of the device used for that purpose. This entails that more energy will be consumed which affects the expected normal consumption level of energy by the same system. It can also be observed that if the duct system is clogged, the quality of air circulated indoors is significantly affected. However, the above mentioned problems can be addressed if proper measures are taken to clean the cooling ducts and dryer vents.

Commonly known as the Ductwise process, there are four major steps that are involved when cleaning the heat vents and air condition ducts. These include the following:

  1. Big vacuum hose should be securely connected to the return section of the duct.
  2. All places likely to be characterised by leaks should be completely sealed so as to make sure that no air escapes from the vacuum created.
  3. High pressure should then be injected in each return end of the duct to clear all dust particles and other unwanted element. This process should be performed on each return duct to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Make sure that all places along the cooling system are securely sealed once the cleaning process has been completed. The system can then be reset to its original settings when the whole cleaning process has been performed.

Indeed, there are no strict rules about when and how you should clean your heating or cooling system at home. Information from this site can be useful to individuals who are interested in cleaning their cooling and heating systems on their own. However, you may need to call in experts to clean your ducts if you suspect that molds have developed inside if they produce bad smell. When you notice your duct producing a lot of dust, it is important to call experts to conduct the cleaning. It is recommended that you should make an effort to choose a reputable company to clean your system. If it is badly cleaned, the problem can recur within a short space of time.

Benefits of Conducting Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

The major benefit of cleaning the ducts for cooling and dryer vents for heating pertains to the aspect of improving efficiency in the performance of the entire ventilation system. When performance of the cooling or heating system has been improved, this means that less energy will be consumed. According to this study, about 40 per cent of energy use in households goes towards heating and cooling. The energy consumption patterns in homes are also impacted negatively when the heating and cooling systems are not in good working order as noted above. Therefore, a lot of energy will be saved if the cooling and heating system is free of dust and operating efficiently.

Besides the advantages of cleaning the ducts of your heating/cooling system, it can be observed that there is no evidence that shows that efficiency is likely to be improved after undertaking the cleaning exercise. On top of that, this whole exercise can be time consuming and it is also expensive according to details found on this page. Given such a scenario, home owners are advised not to rush into performing this exercise unless they get expert advice from experienced technicians in this particular field. There is a risk of damaging the entire system if you just hire people without track record since other companies are only after money.


Artificial cooling and heating systems in homes are very important since they are specifically used to moderate internal temperatures in homes to desired levels. However, as noted above, these systems tend to clog with dust and other unwanted particles over time. Clogged systems usually operate below expected capacity and this scenario impacts performance of the devices involved. The quality of air circulated indoors is also affected.

To correct this challenge, the heat ventilation and cooling system ducts should be cleaned so as to remove all unwanted elements. There are numerous benefits that can be obtained from cleaning the entire system such as improved performance. Energy is also saved when the system is functioning well and the quality of air circulated is significantly improved.