How to use decorative surface solutions to define your interior’s style

With all the styles available, the interior design business is booming. Defining your own style can be complex. Here are a few ways to better understand your interior style, and how to achieve what you want with decorative surface solutions.

Using MelaWood to create the basis for any style:


An eclectic style is easy to achieve because its very premise is that it is no one style. Eclecticism is the strategic mixing of styles to achieve a mismatched interior, personalized to you and all the things you like. A neutral base is a great starting point, MelaWood in Esperanza Oak or Cannero can provide that.

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This is almost the opposite of eclectic style. It is the stripping down of your interior so that everything takes up minimal space. Space must be functional and uncluttered. It is a re-embodiment of the modern style that has been simplified even more. Neutral grays like Folkstone Grey or Storm Grey would be perfect for surfaces in this style.


Following the Art Deco period, Modernism in interiors became wildly popular and has remained a favourite among interior decorators and home owners. The style is based on clean lines, geometric shapes, opaque wood finishes, neutral colours and shiny metals. Brushed Silver and/or Super White MelaWood can bring your modern style to life.



This is often confused with Modern. Modern design refers to the 20th century style, while Contemporary represents what is relevant to style today. This, again, can mean almost anything you would like it to. Generally it manifests as Modern with visible twists; straying away from only using sharp lines, using colour and incorporating new style elements.The classic Super Black or Iceberg White MelaWood to create a stark contrast in the basis of your contemporary interior.

Whichever style you choose to integrate into your home, functional and aesthetically complementary decorative surface solutions can be exactly what you house needs to make it home.