How You Trim a Tree Makes a Big Difference

Whilst we think about tree trimming during Christmas, trimming also extends to pruning and shaping shrubbery and trees. The way you prune or trim trees can lend to their beauty or eventually injure them. That is why you need to contact a tree trimmer who knows what it takes to improve the looks of your trees and maintain their growth.

Why Mature Trees Should Be Lopped

When compared to pruning or mere cutting, tree lopping services in Perth prove to be more drastic. Lopping entails removing large sections of trees and cutting an entire stem or branch back, which leaves a stub. This measure improves a tree’s overall health and extends its lifespan. For example, if your property features a number of mature and stately trees, lopping can benefit them immeasurably if they have become unstable.

How Trees Become Unstable

This instability may result from pest infestation, disease, root damage, or lack of light. When a tree surgeon lops a tree, he makes it possible for the tree to regrow healthily, and avoid future health issues. As a result, lopping neutralises health-related dangers related to instability. You don’t want your tree to display weakened sections, as these areas can lead to problems with liability. For example, if damaging winds plummet through your area, the weak areas of your tree could crash and hit your home, strike a neighbour’s house, or hit a pedestrian or auto.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Even if a mature tree stands upright and looks strong, it can easily break apart during a strong wind or downpour. By contacting a professional tree surgeon, you can have the tree assessed and find out where the tree’s stability can be restored and what should be removed. In some instances, you may have to remove the entire tree, especially if 75% of the tree has already been compromised.

Talk to a Specialist in the Field

When arborists lop trees, they may also follow this course to keep branches and tree growth from touching power lines. When limbs and branches touch power lines, you have a hazard waiting to happen. If you notice tree limbs brushing against power lines on your property, you need to contact an arborist about the problem. Don’t trust yourself or an uncredentialed tree trimmer to take care of the issue.  Speak to a company that offers a full line of pruning, trimming, and lopping services.

Always Maintain a Schedule of Regular Trimming

When large trees are left untrimmed and grow out of control, they often take on straggly appearances – appearances that make them look out of balance, if not distracting on the landscape. By contacting a tree surgeon and having the trees lopped, you can give mature trees a statelier look. You can also ensure the safety of the process.

Increasing Your Property’s Value

By using the services of a tree trimming specialist, you can increase the value of your property and enhance its kerb appeal. Find out more about how you can improve the looks of mature trees and direct the growth of younger trees so they will remain healthy.