Interior design trends for Winter 2018

Although it may not feel like it yet, winter is just around the corner and with that often comes the urge to redecorate. After the carefree days of summer, it’s often time for us to start nesting while the temperatures slowly drop. It’s completely natural for us to want to give our home a little revamp as we prepare to hibernate somewhere cosy for the winter – and a new season brings new and exciting trends for our interior.

In preparation for colder weather, it’s time for richer tones, colour blocks, a touch of black and some flouncy floral. So let’s take a look at the exciting trends that will be making their way into many homes in the upcoming months.

Modern neutrals

A neutral look will never go out of fashion. To achieve this you need to combine elements that can create a beautiful and simple look. In the past, we’ve seen a focus on stripped timbers, wood grain and materials on furniture pieces.

Natural items, combined with soft grey chairs, block-coloured or textured rug and gentle patterned crockery is a MUST for this year’s calming trend.


Yes, we saw the gold trend rise during Spring/Summer, but it’s still very much here and you’re about to see a lot more of it. The difference this time around is the use of gold will be expanded instead of being limited to only accessories.

Already, many retailers are making a bold move towards gold carpets, and although it may not be something you’ve ever thought of having, if you put it with Mid-Century style furniture, it’s stunning. Take a look at The Spruce’s top 13 carpet ideas for 2018 for more flooring inspiration.

Oversized floral

The styling of oversized flower prints is set to make a huge comeback this season. You’ll find it on big design cushions, bedding and wall murals. A focal point of oversized floral patterns will still allow you to keep everything simple (if you wish), and let the flowers become the star of the show. Alongside this, you’ll want to pick complementary colours for the best effect.

Jet black

Fans of monochrome will adore this trend, it’s all about accessories – and they need to be black. If you’re not a massive fan of a large amount of the colour black, you can still make this trend work by adding flashes here and there.

This can be done with tactical pieces such as shelving units, a rug, kitchen utensils. Or for something a little bolder, a black headboard or bed base to be used as a focal point for the bedroom. If this sounds like something for you, finish off your look with Divan Beds Centre and find the perfect bed for you.

Scandi goes vintage

The Scandi trend that we’ve all witnessed previously are now merging together with the nostalgic designs of times gone by, leaving us with an eye-catching result. This style evokes the nostalgia of the 50s and gives it a modern spin on things. The colour palette has been updated deep aqua and yellow, adding a vibrant pop of colour to any room creating an informal vintage style.