Is Your Yard Ready for Fall Entertaining?

The red and orange leaves of autumn are falling as cooler temperatures swallow up the last  warmth of summer. With a little hard work the same yard that hosted backyard cookouts with children running across the lawn can be transformed into a entertaining hotspot during the fall months.


Why let cooler temperatures drive you inside when you can create warmth and fun outside? How could you make your outdoor space just as inviting as your living room? The solution may be found in comfortable outdoor seating. Purchase a few outdoor couches and chairs where guests can lounge and converse. Make sure you design your seating layout so that small groups of people are encouraged to talk to each other.

 Fire Pit

Consider purchasing or building a fire pit. In the fall fire pits can be ideal gathering places for guests who get chilly. They’re also a built in party activity. Who doesn’t enjoy roasting hotdogs and smores over an open flame? Check out this website to get some creative recipe ideas that will work for your fire pit.

There are so may things you can do around a fire pit. Try stargazing on a clear night or hosting a game night. Put up a sheet and host an outdoor movie night or organize a cider tasting party complete with appetizers. Be sure to have extra pillows and blankets on hand for guests to use.


So much can be done to maintain and enhance your outdoor space in the fall. Give your lawn one last cut before colder weather sets in. Rake your leaves and shred them to create some free to you mulch. Check your driveway and your walkways for cracks in the concrete or asphalt, and fill them. Apply a sealant to protect these areas from the rain and freezing temperatures. Water your evergreen trees so they don’t risk dehydration in the winter. If you feel like you don’t have the time or the energy to stay on top of your yard maintenance check out Get Assist to find a local professional near you.


There’s no reason to come inside when the sun sets. String lights are a festive addition to any outdoor space. Landscape lighting can be added to illuminate walkways and driveways. Outdoor lanterns can add light in dark corners. Don’t party in the dark invest in some quality outdoor lighting.