Kent Mini: The Ideal Water Softener to Treat Hard Water

Hard water softeners are appliances that are designed to soften hard water by removing minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, carbonate and manganese present in it. Most of the times, these minerals are present in the contaminants from excess runoff of fertilizers, pesticides and sewage wastes from industries, which seep into the water supply, thereby making it hard.

Signs you have Hard Water

How can you find out that the water you get at home is hard? Here are few signs that indicate that you receive hard water:

  • A white layer build-upon the surfaces of buckets, mugs and geysers that store water
  • White stains on cutlery or glass products after a wash
  • Stubborn stains on sinks and bathtub
  • Building up of scales on appliances

If you are a little vigilant, you will find the difference in your skin and hair too. Taking a shower in hard water results in itchy dry skin and dull hair.

How to Treat Hard Water?

If you want to extend the lifetime of your appliances, it is important to treat hard water.  There are salt-based hard water softeners that remove these minerals completely before water is run through your system. When it is used, the water coming out of the faucet is soft.

Why Kent Mini?

As hard water softeners are beneficial and increasingly becoming imperative, Kent has come up with a new product called Kent Mini. It hasa highly compact model and designed in such a manner that it can be easily fitted to all types of household appliances, be it a washing machine, a geyser, a dishwasher or a shower.

This water softener, which is easy to install and operate, has an intense ability to convert hard water into soft by exchanging hard salts of minerals like magnesium andcalcium with sodium. The process used here is ion-exchange, which takes place using resin beads. These beads are charged with salts ofsodium. These attract the hard salts present in water and convert them into soft salts.

This softener regenerates automatically without the need for manual intervention. This microprocessor-controlled softener from Kent undergoes 5 stages of regeneration process on its own.

Kent has also taken care to ensure that the consumer is free from worrying about the maintenance part. Besides using advanced technology that is among the best in the world, this product does not require much maintenance. It is so easy to install and use that you basically don’t even require the help of a technician.

Kent Mini, which is economically priced, is meant for use with home appliances only. It is not to be fitted with an overhead storage tank that supplies water to the whole house.

If you are looking for a compact water softener to convert hard water into soft water in a convenient and easy way, Kent Mini would be the right pick. This softener is the best option for protecting all expensive home appliances like washing machine, geyser and dishwasher.