Moving from Quebec to New Jersey

Life in Canada can be pretty exciting. But, moving to a new country can be even more exciting than that. As a matter of fact, moving is one of the biggest projects and the best experiences you will have in your life. And moving from Quebec to New Jersey is a quite big undertaking. Not only that you are changing a town, but the country as well. And life in the US is very different from life in Canada. You will need to make a thorough research in order to properly prepare for this project. Weather conditions, lifestyle, everyday habits, cuisine… There are so many differences you will need to adapt to once you begin your life in New Jersey. But the most important thing is that you are doing the right thing. You will not regret this decision, and that is a fact.

In order to help you to prepare for this undertaking, we will cover some of the most important aspects of your upcoming relocation. New Jersey is a pretty big US State, so you will need to find the perfect neighborhood that will meet your expectations. And do not worry a minute, as you will defiantly find what you are looking for. Next, to that, you will need to find the reliable and experienced movers to help you with relocation. Luckily, Vector Movers NJ are one of the best long-distance movers in New Jersey that will handle your international move without any problems. But they can’t do everything, something you’ll need to do by yourself. Like handling necessary documentation. As you can see, it is not all rainbows and butterflies, and there is a big job for you to do.

Choosing the right place for your new home

One of the toughest decisions prior to moving to the US is choosing State. If you are relocating because of the new job position or continuing your education, them making this choice is easy. But if you are not bound to anything, you will need to think a lot. Luckily, you are done with this part and you choose that your new home will be in New Jersey. Congratulation that is a really good decision. But, now it is time to choose which part of this state you want to explore.

State of New Jersey is divided into 41 counties, and some of them are:

  • Somerset County
  • Union County
  • Bergen County
  • Mercer County
  • Morris County

Each of these counties has its own pros and cons, and you will need to choose the one that suits your needs. For instance, if you are looking to live close to the New York City, Union County could be a place for you.

Acquiring necessary documentation

International moving is quite different than local moving. Not only it takes much more time, and it is more expensive, but there is much documentation to be acquired and handled. Starting from numerous permits and the right type of visa. There are two important things when it comes to this task – right information and good timing.

The very first thing you need to do is to contact the embassy in order to find out exactly what you are going to need for smooth relocation. List of required documents is changing from time to time, so the Internet is not the best source of information. The only right thing to do in order to get up-to-date information from the embassy.

Equally important is to start this process on time. Some permits and visa process can take up to several months, so you need to think about timing as well. The last thing you want to do is to schedule everything and then realize that relocation is not possible due to lack of necessary papers. So, before anything else, start thinking about an administrative aspect of moving from Quebec to New Jersey.

Choosing the right moving company

Once you finish with the administration, it is time to start planning the actual relocation. As there are hundreds of miles for you to travel, you will not be able to take everything with yourself. That is why you need to hire a moving company to transport all your belongings. And not any moving company, but reliable, experienced and professional one. And one who already handled this type of move. As mentioned before, international moving is a subtype of long-distance relocation, and it is the job only for the best in the market.

Luckily, there are some pretty good long-distance moving companies in New Jersey that can handle this undertaking with ease. Once you start looking for movers, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • A long-distance moving company must be licensed for the job. This is something you can check in the national database of licensed moving companies.
  • As your belongings will be on the road for quite some time, you need to make sure that in case of an accident, any damage occurred will be fully covered by the insurance. Ask your movers about insurance policy as that is the only way for you to be sure that nothing will ruin your relocation.
  • It is really important that moving company you hire for this project has experience with similar relocations. Ask your movers about their experience with international relocations in order to be sure that they know what they are doing.
  • Last but not least, find out what others have to say about your movers. There are many moving-related internet forums where you can read about the experiences of other people with moving companies. Try to find a story that includes your movers and read that first-hand experience. This way you will have a clear picture and will know what to expect.

And that is it. You are ready to move from Quebec to New Jersey. Just follow these instructions, and you will have a safe and stress-free relocation. Get ready for the best time of your life – living in New Jersey. Good luck!