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Vintage furniture’s require restoration to increase their life span. Working on old furniture’s isn’t the same as compared to repairing furniture’s that are manufactured recently. Getting the same wood to repair and restore vintage furniture is a challenge, however with us it isn’t, as we have restored thousands of furniture’s over the years leaving us with a good supply of old wood that can be used to replace the parts of the antique furniture without hampering or changing the appearance and the texture of the furniture. We take extreme precautions when dealing with antiques as we are aware that the wood has gotten weak due to wear and tear it has faced over the years.

We believe in direct to consumer sales as it benefits the customers the most

Buying antiques can be an expensive affair however we have managed to reduce the price of our restored furniture by ensuring that we deal directly with the customers. This benefits the customer a lot as they have access to wholesale price and not retails. Don’t get fooled with furniture’s that look old but aren’t as they are polished and painted to possess that look. Our furniture’s are restored, we buy old antique furniture’s like chair, tables and cabinets that are in poor shape and have our expert carpenters look into them and repair them so that they get their furniture back.

We restore antique furniture’s that were lost in the passage of time

Buying such kind of furniture online at https://www.original-antique-furniture.com has its advantages; you get to buy it directly from the best restoration experts in Germany. The price is affordable compared to other dealers as we have induced a process of restoration that is both cost and time effective. Customers in the modern era can still use the gone by era’s furniture’s that are known for its appearance and durability. We ensure that every nook of the furniture is treated and polished so that it returns to its original stage. We have formulated a process of restoration that is a trade secret of ours which enables us to make old wood look new.