Spring clean the exterior of your concrete garage

Cleaning the exterior of your concrete garage is essential in ensuring its long-term life and condition. Spending a little bit of time during your spring cleaning to keep your garage well maintained will go a long way in keeping its health for many years to come. Giving the exterior of your concrete garage a thorough clean once a year will more than suffice, and spring time is a great opportunity to do so.

Cleaning any property, building or structure has its benefits, and a concrete garage is no difference. The most important reason to clean the garage is to prolong its life and maintain its durability for the future.  Despite concrete garages, as manufactured by Dencroft Garages being made to extremely high quality, are still susceptible to damage over long periods of time without maintenance. Something like a small crack, hole or even a bit of damp or mould is easy to fix in its early stages, but if you let it get worse then over time this can cause much more serious and expensive.

Secondly cleaning the exterior of your concrete garage also has a benefit from an aesthetics point of view. Over the years, your garage will have lots of things thrown at it that can build and make it look dirty. Mud and rain that have been blown at the garage during torrential weather conditions can make the garage look old and worn. A concrete garage is a valuable asset of your home and should be kept just as clean as the rest of your house.

Here are some tips to clean the exterior of your concrete garage:

Pressure washer

Pressure washers are an excellent tool for getting touch stains out of things like concrete. By using the power of the pressure washer, you will be able to clean hard-to-remove stains from deep within the concrete much easier than you could by hand. Your garage will likely have accumulated lots of tough stains on its surface over the year as it has to brace harsh weather conditions, a pressure washer will no doubt restore it to a newer fresher look.

Garage Door

When your cleaning your garage, whilst the main body is the most important, don’t forget to clean the garage door too. The garage door will get the most use as it it’s the main entry point that people use. Cleaning the door is just as important in restoring the aesthetic beauty of the garage, but it is also extremely important in maintaining the practicality of the garage. If your garage door isn’t cleaned then over time this can lead to damage either on the surface or in the tracks. Damaged tracks will make the garage and garage door break and cease up, preventing it from opening and closing.


If you have windows in your concrete garage these will need cleaning to. This is a simple task but will help to make your garage look much fresher. Just like any window in your house, use a soft cloth and some window cleaner to make it sparkle and gleam.