Summer benefits of bi-folding, sliding and patio doors

With the official ‘first day of summer’ just a week or two away, people throughout the country are now starting to hatch their plans for the following months.

Much of these activities, of course, include the great outdoors, and rely on the UK actually seeing a bit of sunshine for a prolonged period of time.

While expecting temperatures to hit California heights is a tad optimistic, we can realistically expect at least a bit of warm weather. It therefore makes sense to take advantage of it before we’re back to the short days and rainy nights!

One way of ensuring that you squeeze every last bit of joy out of summer is readying your property for it – most, after all, cannot spend every day driving down to the beach.

In knowing this, many homeowners opt to ‘bring the outdoors inside’, and purchase new bi-folding, sliding or patio doors for the rear of their house. Each of these harbours their own individual benefits, but generally, all are fantastic for this time of year.

Today we’re explaining just why this is. Below you can find five of our favourite reasons to think about buying one of the three doors for the upcoming season:

  • Great for BBQs

Due to the ease in which you can flit between the inside and outside, bi-folding, sliding and patio doors are all unrivalled options when it comes to BBQs or family gatherings.

  • Keeps interior cool

Though the majority prefer to be nice and warm, there is a line. When you can’t sit back and watch a film on the sofa without overheating, for example, then life can become fairly uncomfortable. Bi-folding, sliding and patio doors can be kept slightly or completely open during stiflingly hot weather, allowing the cooler air to sweep through your home’s interior.

  • Helps to save on bills

As a direct follow on from our last point, new doors can actually save you money over the course of the summer. Think about it – if you’re naturally at a suitable temperature, then what are you using less of? Energy! In this manner, bi-folding, sliding and patio models can give your air conditioning a well-needed rest.

  • Enjoy the outdoors while indoors

If you love the sun but would rather not sit out in it all day long, new doors provide a fantastic alternative. With roughly a 90% opening, bi-folding units enable your property to be filled with natural light, along with giving you a perfect view of your outdoor surroundings.

  • Not just for nice weather

Sure, bi-folding, sliding and patio doors are brilliant for the summer, but they aren’t just a one season purchase. As high quality models are extremely thermally efficient, they can also help to keep the warmth in during winter.

Well-known, reputable industry specialists, like Clear View in Yorkshire, can design, manufacture and install a wide range of windows and doors, and do so for customers throughout the whole of the UK.