Things Worth Considering Before Designing A Playroom For Kids!

Kids are inquisitive and fast learners, and parents must offer the right environment at home, so as to foster talent and learning. For kids below five years, you need a playroom, and it should be a space that’s designed with care, affection, and the right ideas.

Below are some of the aspects worth considering for playrooms.

Need for soft flooring

It is practically impossible to watch your kids all the time, and despite your best, trip accidents and falls are bound to happen. The ideal idea is to have soft flooring. If you are revamping an existing room, chances are high that you already have marbled, tiled or concrete floors. Changing the flooring might add to the budget, which is why it’s wise to add a layer of cushioning. The perfect idea is to use foam puzzle mats, which come with interlocking setup and are easy to install. These are also better than carpeting, because maintenance is a breezy affair and these also won’t harbor bacteria with regular cleanup. Go for the colorful ones, which can add extra layer to the entire theme of the room.

Need for interactive walls

Whitewashed walls are the last thing you would expect from a kids’ playroom. You need interactive walls that have an element of their own. Think of shapes, colors, maps, designs that foster learning. If your child loves to scribble, get a completely revamped whiteboard-finish for one of the walls, which can be easily cleaned. If you are in mood for textures, play around with DIY ideas. The theme isn’t important, but the ideas do matter.

Need for enough storage

Most kids have more toys than they actually require. Make sure that the storage is enough for your requirements. It is also pertinent to balance between open and closed storage. Closed cabinets and chest of drawers can help in storing all small and cluttering items. You can also use some of these storage spaces to teach organization – young kids must know what it takes to keep a clean and neat room.

If you are buying toys and accessories for the room, don’t shy away from trying more colors. Contrasting and bright shades of yellow, green, orange, red and blue can create an instant impact and can be effective in adding more shine to the room. Also, make sure that the room has some form of room for ventilation, especially to accommodate sunlight during the day.