Three Simple Projects that Add Value To Your Kitchen

Remodeling your home is not an easy feat; and it is certainly not cheap, either.  And these days, the housing market is definitely a tough racket.  Honestly, its tough everywhere, but if you still feel like now is a good time to start your renovation, you can find ways to add value to your home so that, when the market recovers, you will be in a fine position to make something happen.

And, fortunately, these three valuable renovation projects are located in the kitchen. It would be smart to do all three, if you can, since the kitchen is often considered the most marketable room in any home up for sale. Many buyers weigh their buy decision heavily on how much they like (or dislike) the kitchen.

PROJECT #1:  Storage

When you moved into your home, you probably had fewer belongings than you do now.  As your family grows, essentially, so do the things you need to take care of them. And as those things grow so do your storage needs.  Every kitchen can use more storage, and with that in mind, you can always simply install new cabinets.

Of course, an entirely new set of Divine Cabinetry might not always be the most fiscally reasonable thing you can do. In that case, you might want to consider getting a little more creative with the way you use the cupboards you have. For example, some cupboards are very tall (and many people don’t use the highest space).  Corner cabinets also tend to have lots of wasted space. Consider, then, spinning shelves (lazy susan) and pull-out shelves to help you be more organized.

PROJECT #2: Food Prep

Lets get down to brass tax: the kitchen is for making/eating food.  It is a social center of the home, yes, but those conversations—the connections—are typically done over a repast of some kind.  To improve food preparation without spending too much money, consider updating part of the countertops to make food prep easier (instead of replacing the whole thing, for example). Also, a simple rolling cart/island can also make your food prep options more versatile without great expense.

PROJECT #3:  Aesthetics

And finally, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. This is true of your home, overall, but finding the right color—and the matching cabinetry hardware—can work wonders on the way people respond to the space.