Top 5 features of washing machines that you should consider before buying

Nowadays, the washing machine is an integral part of households. As life is getting busier day by day, people are searching for appliances that can make their daily chores easier and efficient. If buying the best semi-automatic washing machine is on the cards, you have to consider certain features like type, functionality, load-type, wash modes, capacity, and so on. Here, we have emphasized on top five most desirable features.  For in-depth information, visit this website to know more about the best washing machine in India.

Top Load or Front Load

This is the most visible and most crucial feature of a washing machine. As per your requirements, you can either opt for a top load washing machine or a front load washing machine. In the former one, you will put the laundry from the top and in the latter; you will put it from the front by bending slightly. The top load is suitable for most of the buyers because you don’t need to bend. The front load becomes an issue with buyers who have back problems. The top load feature is available in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines whereas front load is generally available in fully-automatic machines.

Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic

This is another important feature influencing the decision of the buyers. The semi-automatic machine has different compartments for washing and drying purposes. You have to put clothes in the tub or drum for washing, take it out after washing, and put it in the spinner for drying purpose. So this requires manual interference. In the fully-automatic machine, once you have put the clothes in the machine, you don’t need to do anything except taking out the dried washed clothes. The machine will wash them, remove moisture, and complete the process without your interference. Ideally, fully-automatic machines should be the best semi-automatic washing machine for the buyers.

Wash Modes

When you are washing clothes, you have to take various precautions. For example, delicate fabric requires care so that you don’t damage the cloth whereas heavy cloths demand intensive washing process to wash thoroughly. The washing machines are integrated with preset wash controls that will remove the toughest stains without damaging the fabric. Most of the machines have light, normal, and heavy wash programs. Further, you have intelligent wash controls for white clothes, heavy clothes like bed sheets & curtains, and so on. Some of the best semi-automatic washing machines are equipped with hot water facility as well.

Capacity & RPM

The frequency of wash cycles and the number of family members also influence the buyer’s decision. The capacity of the washing machine indicates the number of clothes it can wash in a particular cycle. The capacity range of 5-7.5 kg is suitable for a family of 2-3 members. And if you wash clothes twice or thrice a week, you can go ahead with this capacity. Other than this, the motor power and RPM indicates the performance of the washing machine. A higher capacity requires more power and vice-versa.  The RPM directly influences impeller and spinner functioning.


Besides these crucial factors, there are other features that you should keep in consideration. Check out the energy ratings to avoid incurring high electricity bills. Similarly, the washing machine should operate judiciously without using much water. The body should be stylish and resistant to corrosion, rust, and water. The presence of castor wheels is preferable as it promotes easier movement. At last, we can say that the best semi-automatic washing machine is the one that fulfills your requirements under a predetermined budget limit.