Wayfinding signage for every type of industry

Wayfinding can easily be explained as a system that guides people through environments yet enhancing their experience by enlarging their understanding of how to navigate. Wayfinding is commonly used in buildings of a more complex character such as for example universities, healthcare industries, airports and train or bus stations. With these larger and more complex environments, people often find themselves in a more chaotic environment than usual, with many people heading to different directions. This is exactly where wayfinding comes in handy! A proper wayfinding system will easily help you to gain control of the situation and let you feel secure as you are guided on where you currently are located as well as how to get to the destination you want.

What is wayfinding?

A proper navigation system can increase the feeling of the people within the building or in the environment. It will help people to feel more secure, confident and safe while being there. The fear of not finding your way is thereby decreased with a proper wayfinding signage design. Modulex has a great experience with wayfinding signage designs and currently have a presence internationally, within 45 different countries. Furthermore, Modulex offer a great variety of intelligent ways of designing wayfinding signage, independent of sector. Modulex has currently provided solutions within several industries such as healthcare, education, workplace, hospitality, retail, residential, government and public space with suitable wayfinding signage designs. Each project is treated uniquely and Modulex will do everything to meet the needs of the consumer and come up with proper solutions that will fit the need of your business.

The aesthetics of wayfinding signage design

It is very important that the wayfinding signage system is placed strategically and is easy to follow as it will set the foundation of the experience of the visitor. When people do not know how to navigate, it will easily leave them with a feeling of insecurity that will be remembered when thinking of that environment again or if visiting there again. Therefore, it is very important that the wayfinding is presented in a way which the typography, colour and material choice are well thought of. Furthermore, consistency is also key to a successful wayfinding signage design as this will limit the risk of confusion for the person trying to navigate. The choice of colour, size and text might vary dependent on if it is a hospital or for example a sports arena, so the wayfinding signage solution can be customised. However, the main thing that is important for Modulex, is that the customers are satisfied.

Positive aspects of wayfinding

Wayfinding is a great way for people to orientate and navigate themselves to new and unexplored places. It is also helpful when deciding how to get to the aimed location in the most suitable way. Wayfinding is about the art of communication as well as the theory behind it. It is created to facilitate the everyday life of the visitors in various environments and it is a good way of reducing uncertainties of exploring. Wayfinding can also be seen as a tool for planning, as it provides you with various information on how to get to a destination followed by instructions on how to get their and even information concerning how long it will take to reach the aimed destination.